Agitation and Mixing

Solids Pre-dissolution Plant

Fully automatic soluble solids solution with status display per screen, preparation parameter settings, fault detection and prepared solutions counter.
The electronics can control one or two tanks. The first one acts for the preparation and the second one for the dosage. Suitable for industrial detergents, caustic soda, acids, and any solids soluble in water.

Volumetric Solid Dispenser

Dispensers for solid or granulated products. Flow from 0.3 to 500 l / h. Accuracy from 1 to 3% depending on products.
They are an effective solution for dosing powder or granulated products accurately and efficiently.
The solid product is stored in the hopper and homogenized by an agitator avoiding the formation of domes. A dosing screw activated by a motor-reducer with a speed variator is responsible for transporting the product to the outside through a discharge duct.
Applications, in general in all types of industries where a precise and continuous dosage of powdered or granulated products is required.

IBC Container Holder for Agitator

The IBC Container Holders with metal frame in Galvanized or Stainless steel AISI304, to support agitator pumps and control accessories.
The IBC Container Agitator Stand offers maximum flexibility for various applications. It is available in galvanized iron and in AISI304 with or without agitator and in ATEX as an option. Energetic or gentle agitation of the product depending on the speed range chosen. The total homogenization of the package contents by the development of agitation flows to the corners of the container.The stirrer elements are completely detachable for cleaning without tools.
Easy and trouble-free handling of all IBC containers.


Design and manufacture of agitators for big tanks homogenization of chemicals in a water treatment plant. Processes: Homogenization of water and lime. Flocculation tank.
Technical characteristics Mixer: P=7,5Kw, Eje: 4.400mm, ø140,3 mm, AISI 304. 3 Turbinas de 1000, 1400 y 1300mm radial 60º. Polyester tank capacity: 25m3

Wastewater Treatment

Drafting executive project and construction management for dosing of different chemicals by electric membrane pumps for sewage treatment in a wastewater treatment, including design and installation of a flocculant preparation equipment.