Equipment designed for the disinfection of surfaces by air

Disinfecting installations quickly, efficiently and simply is one of the tasks that many companies are forced to perform at the moment in order to offer the highest level of personal safety. Airborne disinfection of environments and surfaces is carried out using specific disinfectants and cold fogging equipment. These equipments allow a complete disinfection of the facilities, acting in places of difficult access such as high or aerial structures hidden from the machinery and equipment.
The atomization produces micro-droplets that keep the product in suspension for a long time due to its small weight and favors the contact process of the disinfectant with the atmosphere and the objects and surfaces creating a very thin layer of disinfectant. The effect created soon after the operation is a real fog.
The disinfectant is dispersed in the form of small fog-like drops.
This fog behaves like a gas that reaches all areas of the premises.
The small particles are deposited on the surfaces, forming a thin film on them.
In a few minutes all areas are decontaminated.
Food and livestock industries
Laboratories, Hospitals and Residences
Gyms and sports centers
Schools and training centres
Restaurants, hotels, bars
Offices and public centres
Workshops, Vehicles, trains, planes
Computer and electronic equipment companies

Automated electro-pneumatic spraying equipment

Design and assembly for Industrial Laundry, an automated electro-pneumatic spraying equipment of perfume in the process of packaging sheets and towels of a hotel flavor brand.