Auxiliary Set

Fluids Suction Lances

Fluids suction lances with low level alarm box for drums and containers.
Available for drums of 20, 60, 200 and IBC containers of 1000 liters.
We can also manufacture them in special sizes.
Suitable for most corrosive chemicals.
Manufactured with PVC and the level float with PP.
Threaded female of 1/4" o 3/8" thread hose nipples of different diameters.
Selectable low level alarm box contacts NC/NA by turning the float.

Measuring Glasses

Liquid measuring glass cup with graduated scale and a tap, both made with transparent PVC.
Used to calibrate pumps without need of stopping the dosing process. Simple to use and do not require to manipulate the installation. Once they have been placed in the dosage line it is only required to close the tap, check if the dosage is being made correctly and re-open the tap.
Suitable for a wide range of chemicals. Alkalis, Acids, Oxygenated, Chlorinated, etc.
They have a flange for panel installation. Sizes: 120, 250, 750, 3000 y 6000ml.
The measuring glass cup is installed, located at the top of the washing tunnel.
To calibrate the pump, simply closing the tap. Once done, and checked that the dose on the graduated scale, the tap is reopened to allow the product to pass through again. Its use does not require any complex manipulation in the installation, it is quick and easy to use.
It allows the operator of the plant to see how the doses enter at any time when passing the chemical through the transparent glass.

Pressure group with accumulator tank

Compact pressure equipment for automatic and continuous reliable supply of water to networks that lack enough or have unstable pressure in domestic applications (potable water in single-family houses, sprinkler irrigation, etc.) or any other type of Industrial applications.
The equipment is inserted in the water connection that we want to stabilize, connecting later to the water distribution line. Its installation, accessible to any professional, and considerably lowers installation costs. The tank must be installed away from sunlight, protected from high temperatures and frost.
Suitable for "glycol water" filling systems for solar installations, industrial laundries, textile dyes and a long etcetera.


Technopolymer nipples: Plastic material nipple for tubing or hose. Suitable for most chemicals.
Stainless steel nipples: Hose nipples in AISI 316 stainless steel. For any order, please contact by mail specifying the model and quantity of it.
Easy tube fittings: PVDF fittings are used for driving high purity water and are very suitable for conducting corrosive fluids: Acids, Ozone, Clorox...

Level Sensors and Detectors

Conductive level switch: Conductive switch level of maximum and minimum. Universal application for conductive liquids.
Little floats: Small float switches that offer multiple form factors and functionalities to fit wherever needed within a system. Its compact size is perfect for a variety of OEM applications. Made with materials for different types of applications: INOX, PP, POM...
Level with two floats: Sensor levels with two magnetic floats that moves according to the fluid level in a guide tube. They do not need power. Voltage free contacts. Easy to assemble, no adjustment required. AISI 304 and 316.