Engineering company specialized in the design and manufacture of dispensers for industrial laundries.

For this we have a multidisciplinary engineering team with extensive experience and proven solvency, both nationally and internationally.

Our size and the extensive experience and knowledge in the industrial sector allows us to easily adapt to the needs of our customers, attending exactly your technical requirements and deadlines.


Constant bet for I+D+I. Investigation, development and innovation is an intrinsic concept to our values. It is related to technological and investigation advances centred in the advanced of our society, being one of the most important issues within our objectives.

Aitecsa necessarily makes a systematic planning and managing of the processes of I+D+i for its own development and offers this experience to our clients.

The activity of I+D+I is developed in two main lines:
Self-investigation in those areas with better future perspectives.
Investigation to the request of clients.

aitecsa i+d+i

Our Services

Remote assistance: Our advanced technology in IoT “Internet of things”, allows us to remotely monitor and control in real time, being able to assist in any situation.

Training: Our specialists carry out training courses for the technicians who will be responsible for managing your dosing systems. On request, we carry out personalized training courses at our facilities.

Technical Service: Our specialists, who will accompany you virtually or in person throughout the installation process.

Connectivity: Our technology allows the integration of dosing systems in the client's Intranet.


Design and manufacture of complete systems for preparation and dosage chemical products. We design your dispensers with your corporate logo.

Agitation and Mixing

Design and manufacture of mixers for industrial processes and stock solution tanks for solid detergents and other industrial processes.

Fluid Handling

We have a wide range of pumps, valves and special hoses for aggressive chemicals.

Control and Automatisms

Programming department from which all kinds of programs are developed according to each application with the most advanced IoT technology.

Auxiliary Set

We provide you with probes, sensors, suction lances, measuring cups, drum pumps, pressure groups and everything you need to complete your installation.

Consulting and Assessments

Consultancy and Technical Industrial Assessment. Specialized in dosage systems, agitation and mixing and fluid handling.


Gels, shampoos, dishwashers, bleaches, etc.

Individual dosers, Multi-machine, Tunnels CBW
Dilution equipment for solid detergents

Dispersion and dosage of colourings, primings dyes, etc.

Drinks, wines, dairy, etc.

Dosage, processes, transport and mixing of chemical products

Fertilizers, insecticides, fungicides, acarus

Floculant, neutralizer, muds’ homogeneization


We managed to implement the most appropriate solutions with the best technologies.